Hot products:RF-V16 Multifunction personal emergency locator and comminicator

International Standard, Superior Quality Strict comply with CE,RoHS,FCC. safe and environmental protection

Ultra-low radiation original GPS+GSM chip

ABS environmental material shell

Quad band GSM network, global universal      

IOS9001 quality control and rigorous tests

Powerful tracking platformMultiple tracking way, there is always a suitable one for you

Tracking via Website,APP,SMS,Wechat

7*24 hours persistent service

All functions can set by APP, simple and cheap

Reachfar,China's famous brandProfessional GPS manufacture, the leader of mini gps tracker

80% turnover for exporting,with full experience for global market

Company pass ISO90001 International standard quality systerm

ALL product are approved by CE,RoHS,FCC and CCC

Professional and efficient service teamProfession,promopt,patient and efficient service

500 pieces in stock, goods can ship within 1 day

All inquiry will response within 24 hours

In-house R&D team ,support wide range OEM/OEM service

Two years warranty

keep your Peace of mind

keep your Peace of mind

Nancy is 72-year-old woman who lives alone.

Nancay's daughter says having the RF-V16 has stopped them both from being upset with each other. now I simply logs onto the website and knows that he has gone for her daily paper, shopping, meetings, etc. Now i am not worried, i am get back peace of mind

freedom and independence

freedom and independence

“We now let Amy go to nearby places on her own,take a solo trip to music class, share free time with his classmate. Now I can see she go to fun places, I can listen-in when I’m concerned for his well-being. She is simplely in heaven, I’m simply a calmer mom!"

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SHENZHEN REACHFAR TECHNOLOGY COMPANY LIMITED is an high-tech enterprise which committed to professional- research manufacturing real-time tracker sales personal emergency alarm communicator. The head quarter ReachFar Technology(HK) Co., Ltd. was established in 2007 in HK, owing to head quarters rich technology resources, we insist on strategy of endless innovative developing ou... {dede:global.cfg_enwebname/}

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Brand story

ReachFar ReachFar means travelling further. We would like to make people feel easier to go to faraway places! Safety makes journey further! Our products based on export quality and take up the mission of safety guard. Safety issue could never be overvalued. Nowadays, safety issue became the most concern in our society. Capital and life safety guarantee our happy life. Its a huge contribution to the society that the e...

Q: Why the positioning location error is so big?
A: The V16 have LBS and GPS positioning system, the device will automatically switch to the LBS positioning system when there is no GPS signal. The LBS system rely on the base station, the positioning accuracy depends on the density of the b...
Q: Why need a SIM card?
A: The V16 itself dont need SIM card, But the GPS device should upload the positioning data to the positioning platform or forward to the guardians phones, so it must plug a SIM card...
Q: what GPS chip is V16 use, positioning accuracy?
A: Use the MTK chip , the positioning accuracy is 5-15 m using in the open space....
Q: What is the battery capacity? Is the battery removable?
A: V16 use high capacity ratio battery, battery capacity is 520 mAh Because V16 is a dedicated GPS car alarm, in order to guarantee the safety of alarm and specially designed for the built-in battery, sealed...
Q: Calling the SOS number, why can’t connect?
A: Please check the V16 SIM card have opened call ID or not? If it doesnt open call id, V16 cant identify incoming calls number, it will decline the call....
Q: My V16 can make a call, but why sometimes platform positioning data is not updated?
A: There are several reasons as follow: 1. Check the GPS traffic has opened? 2. Send dsp# to check V16 current GSM signal, if the GSM signal is not good, the first to be affected is GPRS, next is the text, last is the voice communication; 3...
Q: Except the cost of the phone card, is there other cost?
In addition to the mobile phone card itself communications fee (it will charge by the telecom operators ) You also need to positioning platform using fee , first year is free , from second year, LBS positioning com 20 Yuan/year/stage. GPS c...
Q: When the platform services begin to calculate the time?
A: The V16 will register platform automatically when it first time report the location information to the platform since the user plug in the SIM card, we present the first year platform service. Include positioning platform,...
Q: Why my V16 will re-start?
A: The V16 will auto reboot under follow: 1. There is no sim card, boot directly, V16 cant detect the SIM card. 2. No signal or Signal is poor, the V16 off the net....
Q: I charging the V16 by mobile power, is it effect the use of the device?
A: The V16 power management support charge when using, please choose the qualified mobile battery to recharge, to ensure the safety of the user....

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