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RF-V9 Real Time Auto Car GPS Tracker GSM Quad Band & Alarm with Voice Sensor / Vibration Sensor / SOS for Vehicle Kids Personal

RF-V9 is made universal, military-quality quad-band GSM module, with vibration sensor alarm and voice sensor alarm, SOS emergency; headphone communicating and AGPS assisted remote location tracking functions etc. Installed it at home, companies, factories, car or children or elderly, when the warehouse sound, doors and windows are open, the car is running, it will inform you immediately once viewed, it could protect your family and your property at any time and any where. This product is compact, clear voice, long time standby, simple operation, stable performance, without having to install, ready-to-use, remote control and other characteristics, widely used.


Sound sensor alarm:
when the car is parked, it will automatically to the fortified state of shock, when the vibration sensor have sensed moving actions, RF-V9 will immediately send
message and dial your phone, the platform also could receive alarm messages, thieves have no place to hide. (Abnormal out of charge, could happen at any moment, thieves couldn’t be hide.)
Trace replay:
car owners check car’s history trace via binding mobile phone number, wechat, and inquiry platform.
You could set eco-fence on the map page on the inquiry platform, designate an device-centric area on the map, when the device beyond the fence, V9 will send alerts to the mobile phone number.
Inquiry platform:  
REACHFAR’s RF-V9 offers a variety of platforms query, inquiry platform support for multiple location query: wechat, APP, SMS message, website etc.

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